Celebrate You

Celebrate how God made you today. Everything you might think is a flaw is by design, and has a purpose. Your facial features, hair color, accent, skin tone, height, and anything else you can think of, was all created intentionally. You are not the hateful words that people have spoken over you, or the ones you have thought of yourself. I carried the harsh words of those who made fun of my nose for the longest time. I constantly compared myself to other girls in their seemingly effortless “perfection”, and held myself as if I was somehow less worthy. Now in my early 30’s, I’m finally learning to speak and think life over myself instead of repeating what others said about me. To remind myself that I am beautiful and fearfully wonderfully made (Psalm 149:14). I will never forget an experience I had when I went to Japan for the first time last year. I met some young women there, and as we were talking, they told me that my nose was BEAUTIFUL. I was SO shocked! I’m surprised I didn’t cry considering I tear up now when I think about it. How many times had I envied their beauty, when all I ever needed was to be content in my own?? If I can encourage you in any way, let those negative words go sweet friend. Lay them at the feet of Jesus—that is not who you are. Start speaking life over yourself today—and never stop. 💕

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