When It’s Dark

6:30 A.M.
A soft piano crescendo set as my alarm, eases me into wakefulness.
Everything hazy as my eyes adjust from darkness to light.
I make my way to the bathroom.
Too many thoughts already.

How many minutes have I been awake?

My heart beats faster.
I realize my first thoughts were not grateful, but anxious.
I stop my worrying train of thoughts.
I begin to pray.
Thanking the Lord for this day.

I walk to my dining room.
I look towards my books on the table.
Eager to dig into the Word.
It’s still too dark.
What do I do? I thought.


Pray when it’s dark.

I close my eyes and open my mouth to speak.

I lay down my burdens.

All the things that crowd my heart looking to be of greatest importance.

I lift up the beautiful souls I have been blessed with doing life with and pour out my heart for theirs.

The Lord hears me. He is with them too.

I finish my prayers.

I open my eyes and find that I can see more clearly than before.

It is light again.

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