Would You Still Go? Trusting God When It Doesn’t Make Sense


Would you still go
If you were shown
What it would cost
And all that’d be lost?

Would you still go
On down that road
Despite all the pain
And suffering?

Oh there’s joy to be had
But there’s so much at stake
It makes you hesitant
In this choice you must make

There’s a Voice that says,
“Trust Me.
I will show you the way.
You don’t need to know
Every step that you take.

My hand is ever on you
I won’t let you fall
I promise it’s worth it
To obey My call.

I have been where you’ve been
I have suffered the worst
I know what it’s like
To put God first.

All that you will gain
You may not see here
But I’ve prepared a place
Where treasures do not disappear.

All that you strive for
On this earth will pass
What awaits you in eternity
Forever will last.

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