The One with the Blank Canvas

Blank. As in my mind.

At a loss. Disconcerted. Bewildered.

These are my first thoughts when it comes to the word “blank”. Not exactly motivating when you are wanting to create something new. Words are powerful. Words can inspire or they can terrify, therefore driving you in one of two directions. Forward or backward. Because in my opinion, being at a standstill is no different than going backward. However, if you take that same word and flip it on its head, “blank” is…


Those words are much more inspiring. When I look at it from this perspective, the possibilities are ENDLESS. I can create whatever I want, and it will be unique to me because no one else sees the world exactly the way I do. So much of the time we get caught up in the comparison trap. “This person has that thing and I don’t.” “They’re more talented than I am.” “I can’t do what they do because I don’t have the same resources.” Well, let’s just put an end to that garbage rant right now. I CAN’T do what someone else is doing because I am not them and neither are you. What does that matter?! You can do YOUR OWN thing with whatever YOU have! It will be special and amazing because it was created by you. No one else! No one sees the way you see or can do what you can do the exact same way. Yes we have similarities, and we can understand others and agree on many things, but no one is identical to another (not even twins).

So what exactly am I here for? Well, I don’t fully know the answer to that. I just know that I feel God has put it on my heart to write, and that He has given me passions, perspectives, and talents to share with the world. Rather than just imagine the potential of what I could do and whom I could inspire, my desire is to live it out and encourage others to do the same. What destinies are hanging on my yes? On your yes?! I believe we all have something to offer the world that is specific to us and will have an impact on others. Don’t sell yourself short due to your circumstances. You don’t have to be famous, wealthy, or travel the globe to have a great impact on this world. Be yourself. Work with what you have now and know that you are making a difference right where you’re at.

My brother, Michael, told me something last year that I love so much, “If you don’t know where to start, start with what you know.” For me, I know I love to encourage and inspire others. I love to read. I love to photograph things. I love to write. I love to give. I love to travel. I love to meet other people. I love to be outdoors…except when it’s cold #CaliGirl. So what do YOU love to do? What do you know that you could share with others? Whatever that is, go do it! The world is waiting!

As for me, I could sit here and obsess over how, “I should have posted something else first!” or “Someone else could have written this better!” or “What if no one reads this?!” Or I could just hit…


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